New Earth Healing
DD Adair
Series : New Earth Volume : 1
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New Earth Healing

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How does healing happen? Why does one body or mind respond to certain methods and medicines, but not others? 

We have been programmed to believe healing comes from outside of us. From pharmaceuticals and doctors perhaps, or vitamins, herbs, experts and healers. What if healing happens through any channel we believe it will happen through? And what if it won't happen until we address the root dysfunctions and distortions that caused the body to malfunction in the first place?

Quantum Healing is at the forefront of energy healing methods. Thousands of Practitioners and Clients are learning that all healing is really self-healing. No matter how we choose to return to wholeness, the power lies within each and every one of us. 

New Earth Healing  

is a book about addressing root dysfunctions and distortions of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Quantum Healing sessions allow us to speak to the Oversoul or Higher Self of each client, and discover what it takes to heal ourselves. Now, we share this astounding information with you.