Fables of the Amazon: Fun Lessons in Ecology
Alan J. Hesse
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Jungle animal comic that teaches real science!

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Explore the secrets of the Amazon jungle creatures in this comic book of children's fables. The funny comic strips in this book feature facts about jungle animals drawn from actual field observations made by the conservation scientist authors. 

Natural history and ecology are fascinating but complex subjects. What better way to discover it than through a comic that is both funny and scientifically accurate? A perfect resource for nature-loving kids and adults, as well as for science teachers! 

Fables of the Amazon  

What you will discover  

  • Eleven comic strip short fables featuring a wide array of South American jungle animals. Each fable comes with an ecology lesson.
  • An intimate look at the secret lives of wild guinea pigs, rare macaws, jaguars, leaf-cutter ants, the elusive Maned Wolf, and many others.
  • Natural history notes from the field with photos and cartoons.

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